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Better than Scantron
DataPort gives teachers accurate scantron-like technology for free. Gone are the days of expensive forms and machines.

Works with Any Scanner or Camera
DataPort works with off-the-shelf scanners and digital cameras. Just make sure your scanner has an automatic document feeder.

Easy, Fast, and Fun!
Can you use a browser? Then you already know how to use DataPort. You'll love it!

Bubble Sheets At Your Fingertips!

With DataPort, you can now print free bubble sheets for your tests and surveys, fill them out, and scan them back in for automatic grading and scoring!

Gone are the days of manually marking multiple choice tests and laboriously entering test results into a computer. DataPort automates the whole process for you. All you need to worry about is what you will do with the extra time!


Helping educators like you spend time on what matters.

The easiest way to grade your tests.

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